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Friday, January 4, 2008

News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. Team Canada goalie Steve Mason has been traded from London to Kitchener.
2. The NHL may have caught Rick DiPietro with illegal pads. I am sure there is a joke in here somewhere, but I don't have the time to think it through today.
3. Cal Nichols has resigned his position with EIG so that he can legally support Darryl Katz's bid to buy the Edmonton Oilers.
4. Pierre Lebrun feels that Canada's fascination with the World Juniors is misplaced. He lost me after he said he was named after Pierre Trudeau. Maybe this Pierre should also take a long walk in the snow.
5. Mark Bell has been sidelined with a head injury after a fight with Ryan Malone. Cue up the DUI checkstops, Bell will have some time off.
6. Who's Hot and Who's Not in the CHL.
7. The Globe and Mail annoints Jarome Iginla 1st half MVP.
8. Canada has been awarded the 2010 World Juniors after Switzerland pulls out. Tournament interuptus? Thats what she said? So many good ones to use here...
9. PS, Canada wins again, plays for Gold tomorrow.
10. Check out this video featuring James Wisniewski
11. Check out the first paragraph of Taking Note, for what is likely the quote of the day.
12. Check out this new website. Lots of interesting content and links.
13. Fanhouse has the 1st Half Rookie Review.
14. A profile on current Omaha Lancer, Nico Sacchetti. What kind of a nickname is Sac? Was Scrotum already taken?
15. Atlanta and Carolina will swap broadcasters for the 2nd period of tonight's game. Should make for an interesting listen.
16. A look around the NHL with faceoff.com.
17. The canoe.ca blog answers the question about what team was the first to pull their goalie. This started a trend, as guys have been pulling their goalies ever since.
18. The latest installment in the Hockey News feature on the Roseau Rams.
19. The Score with a mid-season review and second half forecast.
20. The Hockey News blog with the 10 Ten moments from the Winter Classic.
21. The Hockey News profiles hot prospects from the World Junior tournament.
22. A look at U. Mass-Boston, playing in NCAA Div. III.
23. Simon Gamache would like to return to Switzerland.
24. Spector takes a look at some potential deals as the trade deadline approaches.
25. A look at the Lightning's prospects from Hockey's Future.

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