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Monday, September 10, 2007

The HD Corner - Centre Ice Package

I come to you Monday morning with some info for those who live in the Ottawa area. Rob Brodie, local Sun media writer, reports on some increased activity for Rogers TV this upcoming season. Good news for Sens fans, as Rogers TV will be showing four Sens exhibition games this season. Now no one has an excuse not to watch Luke Richardson lace 'em up early on. Ooh baby! Brodie has a great blog on slam.ca, that I suggest everyone check throughout the season.

Other thoughts this morning include Shaw TV's announcement that they will carry the NHL Centre Ice Package this season. While this is great news for Western Canadian viewers who could previously only purchase Centre Ice through Bell ExpressVu, I would like to provide a bit of a warning. Shaw had in fact included the Centre Ice option around six years ago; however, it was not the entire package. Multiple games were constantly blacked out, including all Saturday night games (minus HNIC of course - something to do with HNIC having broadcast exculsivity in Canada on Saturdays). Apparently it was only the "1/2 Centre Ice Package" that was available. No word yet if this year's package is the full, 1/2, 3.1415, or some other denomination, but you have been warned. Just remember that when the only alternative to a Leafs-Panthers HNIC game could be a Habs-Canes game on RDS with.... Jacques Demers!

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