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Friday, February 29, 2008

News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. 24 hours of USA Hockey starts today.
2. NHL.com profiles the Oilers' success in shootouts.
3. A look back at 20 years of the East Coast Hockey League.
4. A comprehensive article on Dustin Byfuglien of the Chicago Blackhawks.
5. Former WHL'er Len Barrie appears poised to acquire a significant portion of the Tampa Bay Lightning.
6. John Tortorella on his newly acquired goaltender, "I don't know who Mike Smith is."
7. The NY Times has a story on the resurgence of the Russian Super League.
8. Terry Frei of ESPN writes about the difficulty of having multiple superstars on one team in the salary cap era.
9. Scott Burnside chronicles the Brad Richards to Dallas trade.
10. Bill Clement looks at 5 players who's play will be scrutinized down the stretch.
11. Ken Campbell doesn't like the Foote trade, but the fans take him behind the woodshed in the comments section.
12. A trailer from the new Mike Myers hockey movie.
13. Alex Burrows taunts Steve Downey about his potato farm.
14. Damien Cox writes that the Leafs can't even get a cohesive policy together in their hockey operations department.
15. Ryan Kennedy of the Hockey News is touting a hockey fight video game.
16. Olaf Kolzig is not happy with the goaltending situation in Washington.
17. Business is booming at NHL.com.
18. Actual headline on TSN, "Playoff hungry Leafs face Tampa on TSN". There is no optimism like TSN optimism.
19. Former Red Wings defender Jiri Fischer will return to the ice for a charity game.
20. Wild fans were not happy with the acquisition of Chris Simon.
21. In a spate of journalistic prowess, papers are picking up on the "cow-kick" shootout move, a mere 3 years after its inception.
22. An interview with Twins 1st baseman Justin Morneau.

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