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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paul Holmgren not too concerned about signing Jeff Carter

Quote Holmgren on Jeff Carter: "We'll get him signed," Holmgren said, flatly. "I have no doubts about that . . . I refuse to live in fear [of what other teams might do]."

Here is the full article by Ed Barkowitz of the Philadelphia Daily News.

My take: I like Jeff Carter as a player, but I wonder if the Flyers would match a high-price offer for his services. They already have centers Mike Richards and Daniel Briere under long-term contracts at big bucks. To match a Carter offer, would have them spending too much cash up the middle. Especially with their need for help on defense. If a team were to sign the restricted free agent to a deal about $4.5-5 million, I see the Flyers taking the draft picks as compensation and letting Carter walk.

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1 comment:

Steve Werier said...

He could get 4 to 4.5 million?
Who do you think he is, Martin Erat?