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Friday, October 19, 2007

Morning Musings: A calmer Mike Keenan

For all the fuss made about the Mike Keenan hiring this summer, is it me or has Keenan become rather tame? We are already through training camp and the first few games of the season and there haven't been any big blowups. Rather, Keenan seems relaxed as Flames head coach. I mean, he gets his point across, but there hasn't been any finger-pointing in the media or serious benching. Maybe the NHL is seeing a new version of Mike Keenan? Time will tell if that is the case...

On to the morning papers:

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Stevens8204 said...

It is funny the Rangers and Devils are having chemistry problems...I expected honestly the Devils to be a more cohesive group but maybe that will happen once they get some home cooking....weird but true.

Richard Pollock said...

I expected it more so from the Rangers than Devils just because of the number of interesting personalities in their dressing room. I think you are right about the Devils once they finally get home, they more than likely will turn it around. Plus a few more games getting accustomed to Brent Sutter's aggressive style won't hurt either.

Tara said...

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kanadienkyle said...

In regards to both the Rangers and Devils, I think both teams have challenges outside of hockey in terms of chemistry. The Rangers always seem to have problems because there is too much for the players to do. If you live in NYC, I can't imagine sitting around the rink with your teammates is high on your list of daily activities.

Jersey might be having problems as they are just getting used to new surroundings. Sometimes it takes a comfort level with a building for a team to gel.