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Friday, October 5, 2007


Euro Curve takes a daily look at the latest international hockey news.

This news comes from http://www.spectorshockey.net/ ( Thanks Spector, you have a great site and provide some very useful news, rumours and links as it relates to the world of international hockey)

SVT.SE: reports Peter Forsberg is back on the ice, practicing with Swedish team MoDo. Forsberg said he won't hurry and remains undecided on if and where he'll play. He also suggested this'll be his last attempt and a comeback and could retire if it fails.

LINKOPINGS HC/HOKEJ.CZ: both report former Pittsburgh Penguin Josef Melichar has signed with Linkopings HC in Sweden.

- Illegal Curve's favourite Kazakh-Israeli Hockey Player Max Birbraer a.k.a 'The Israeli Iceman' scored a goal for the Cardiff Devils in a losing cause as the team fell by a score of 2-1 to the Belfast Giants of The British Elite League. The 26-year-old Left Winger was Drafted by the New Jersey Devils in 2000 (3/67). Please check out this old article about Max Birbraer's story, including the religious persecution he and his family faced in Kazakhstan.

Ross Brooks Goalie, Boston, 1972-75,
Hy Buller Defense, Detroit, N.Y. Rangers, 1943-45 and 1951-54.
Justin Duberman Right wing, Pittsburgh, 1993-94,
Mike Hartman Left wing, Buffalo, Winnipeg, Tampa, N.Y. Rangers, 1986-95.
Gizzy Hart Left wing, Detroit Cougars, Montreal, 1926-28 and 1932-33.
Peter Ing Goalie, Toronto, Edmonton, Detroit, 1989-94.
Max Kaminsky Center, Ottawa Senators, Boston, St. Louis Eagles, Montreal Maroons, 1933-37.
Alex Levinsky Left wing, Toronto, Chicago, 1930-39.
David Nemirofsky Right wing, Florida, 1995-99.
Steve Richmond Defense, N.Y. Rangers, Detroit, New Jersey, Los Angeles, 1983-89.
Sammy Rothschild Left wing, Montreal Maroons, Pittsburgh Pirates, N.Y. Americans, 1924-28.
Todd Simon Center, Buffalo, 1993-94.
Mike Veisor Goalie, Chicago, Hartford, Winnipeg, 1973-84.
Brian Wilks Center, Los Angeles, 1984-89.
Bernie Wolfe Goalie, Washington, 1975-79.
Larry Zeidel Defense, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, 1951-54 and 1967-69.

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