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Monday, October 1, 2007

The HD Corner - HNIC News

I have two important pieces of information that I'd like to pass onto our readers:

First thing's first. It was announced today that Harry Neale will be Jim Lorentz's replacement on Sabres broadcasts this season. Neale's new position means that he will be leaving his post on Maple Leafs regional broadcasts (he'll still be on HNIC). Little do people know that Neale actually lives in Buffalo, and drives up to Toronto for every Leafs game, so maybe it's not that surprising after all. Despite his age, Neale still is entertaining for the most part as a colour commentator. Although he's usually good for a couple mistakes per game (how many Connolly-Pominville mixups will he make?), he's still quite witty with some good one-liners. And who's filling the void for the Leafs games? Why Greg Millen of course! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Greg Millen in every HD Corner column so far, and I refuse to mention him again. It's getting kind of stalker-ish. The only person I feel more sorry for is Joe Bowen. Holy Mackinaw! Joe is going to need a heavy dose of Advil to get through this season.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Ron MacLean has signed a new seven year deal to remain on CBC and HNIC. After initially signing an offer sheet tendered by Kevin Lowe to take over for Gene Principe for Oilers Sportsnet West regional broadcasts, the CBC matched, and have now secured their man. That didn't actually happen - but somewhat plausible, right? All kidding aside, MacLean has in fact signed a seven year contract extension with HNIC. Is there anyone better at his analyst job than MacLean? He knows every possible fact about the game, and is never afraid to ruffle a few feathers with hard-hitting questions. Besides Channukah, my favourite time of year is definitely the All-Star Game, just to see MacLean interview that little weasel Gary Bettman during the first intermission.

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