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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jiri Tlusty Situation

While it pains me to even write about this beyond ridiculous situation, I may as well provide my take on the Jiri Tlusty "situation." If you have been living under a rock (or anywhere outside of Canada), you probably haven't heard about the naked pictures of Leafs' rookie Jiri Tlusty making their way through the Toronto news media. First off, you are probably wondering who Jiri Tlusty is, and for that, I don't blame you. For your information, Tlusty is a Toronto Maple Leafs rookie winger. You know, those Toronto Maple Leafs that consistently produce average players, average results and way above-average net profits. Well, when Tlusty was young and naive (aka last year), he sent naked photos of himself to a girl. That girl, whomever she is, decided to send the pictures to a Canadian gossip website and soon the pictures were all over the internet. There has been so much fuss about this story that Tlusty had to be ushered out of the Air Canada Centre yesterday to avoid the throngs of Canadian media wanting to report on the story.

The Toronto media needs to find something worthwhile to report on. No one cares that a kid took naked pictures of himself and sent them to a girl. That is not news. Not only do most fans not want to hear about that the first time, but they don't want to be hit over the head with this useless story. The fact of the matter is that--No One Cares! This is the one time in my life I'd actually rather hear about Bryan McCabe's defensive struggles for the fourteenth hundred time.

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Ari Baum-Cohen said...

So no link then?

Ari Baum-Cohen said...

Does anyone else notice Wade Belak generally has funny accurate comments on hockey situations?