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Saturday, November 17, 2007

NHL Schedule is a Joke

Looking over the NHL schedule probably makes one feel like it's Groundhog Day. Nevermind the ridiculous amount of games against division foes (32 in total), but the NHL feels the need to not space these match ups out at all; thus, fans are left with the same Panthers/Hurricanes match up seemingly once per week.

Who is making this schedule? Some teams have an entire week off in the middle of the season (see the Kings recently) and that only serves to make players rusty and, as a result, worsens the quality of play. Now, you may be thinking that a week off gives the players ample rest, well, three days off gives players ample rest, seven days off makes players rusty.

The NHL schedule is a complete joke. The novelty of the key NHL match ups (Habs/Leafs) has completely worn off and I have not recognized any division match ups becoming more heated because of the increased intra-division play. The league can't change this thing fast enough.

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1 comment:

jr said...

san jose has one game this week and i can't stand betting on the exact same game all the time. the odds don't change.