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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. In other suspension news, Hurricanes forward Craig Adams has received a 2-game break for hitting Alex Steen on the head with his stick.
2. No links available yet, but Minnesota radio stations are reporting that Kyle Okposo will leave the Gophers and join the Islanders following the World Junior tournament. Link now available.
3. Todd Bertuzzi felt like he was "expected" to fight the night he injured Steve Moore.
4. A look around the SJHL, with a focus on the Weyburn Red Wings.
5. Spector lays out the recent trade rumours.
6. A Q and A with IIHF President Rene Fasel.
7. Mike Brophy thinks (wishes?) that the NHL will never abandon the Instigator Rule.
8. Blogger David Staples offers up some good reading. Its Oiler heaving, but interesting all the same.
9. Canada's women's team has invited 21 chicks to its tryout camp.
10. Sean Avery paints his nails black and may be involved with Mary-Kate Olson.
11. A tourney that could only happen in Toronto, with players divided up by race in the name of multi-culturalism.
12. SI writer Alan Muir is taking the new Euro Super-league seriously.
13. Peter Schaefer is happy to be in Boston, and Milan Lucic has earned the nickname Gino.
14. The NHL continues its slide back to a clutch and grab league.
15. A collection of some funny (and some really stupid) hockey stories. (H/T Kukla)
16. Wednesday's Water Cooler Notes.
17. Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau uses movies to motivate his players.
18. Winkler Flyers forward Jared MacIntosh is now a published author.
19. An interesting look at the Asian Ice Hockey League.
20. A story on Trevor Smith of the Utah Grizzlies.
21. Fanhouse reacts to the Mike Brophy article on the Instigator Rule.
22. The NHL's Hot List.
23. A look at 10 Players exceeding expectations this season.
24. A profile on Lyon Messier of the Lincoln Stars.
25. Bruins rookie Vladamir Sobotka is getting noticed for his feistiness.

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