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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bouwmeester wants out of Florida?

From Steve Zipay of Newsday:

With the trade of Olli Jokinen, a person close to Jay Bouwmeester told Newsday
that the defenseman wants out of Florida.

Read more from Zipay here.

Well that sure wouldn't be good news for Florida. If this report is true, the Panthers may really be starting from the bottom up. That is, of course, if they actually decided to trade the speedy defenseman.

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Richard-Steven Williams said...

Everyone says the Leafs are a shoe-in for the wooden spoon, which would suit me if it resulted in drafting Tavares, but Florida really seem to be in that race.

kanadienkyle said...

I concur. I expect the Oilers Fan Nation to be salivating at the prospect of bring Jay-Bo to town.