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Friday, June 27, 2008

Report: Jagr offered $35 million by Omsk

From Larry Brooks of the NY Post:

A reliable third party source yesterday told The Post that his connections in the Czech Republic believe that Jagr has recently received a three-year contract offer for the equivalent of $35M after-tax US dollars from Omsk of the Russian Super League. The captain is believed to have received the formal offer this week from Omsk GM Anatoly Bardin after months of conversations.

Read the entire article here.

I really don't think the amount of money from overseas is going to change Jagr's mind. We have known all along he was going to/already got a big offer from overseas. I still believe his first preference is to continue playing in the NHL for NY. If the Rangers fail to offer him a "reasoonable" contract, then the Omsk offer should be taken more seriously.

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