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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Report: Ryan Suter agrees to terms with Predators

From Larry Brooks of the NY Post:

Ryan Suter, the Nashville defenseman who would have been a Group II target for an offer sheet, has agreed to terms for $3.5M per, Slap Shots has learned. That leaves Nashville's Shea Weber, Washington's Mike Green and Florida's Jay Bouwmeester as the most attractive Group II defense alternatives. We're told that Green, a dynamic difference maker, is, is being low-balled by the Caps.

Read more news from Brooks here.

If the report is true, then this seems like a reasonable deal for both sides. Suter should improve over the course of the contract, but I'm not sure if he is worth $3.5 million right now. So, the deal theoretically takes into account Suter's improvement over the terms of the deal and that makes sense for both sides.

If Suter signed for $3.5 million, I wonder what Weber, Green and Bouwmeester are asking for?

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Anonymous said...

It is true and he is worth it. Granted he has a lot of potential to improve, but he's still an all around great defenseman right now and worth the price all day long.