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Friday, April 4, 2008

1. Terry Frei with an excellent article about how much he likes watching games in Canada.
2. Canada opens the World Championships with a win.
3. The USHL has announced the finalists for their end of season awards.
4. A look at possible scenarios unfolding tonight.
5. Watch the PTI guys talk hockey.
6. Kind of a dated article, but an interesting take on accountability in blogging.
7. John Buccigross wants to see the Islanders outdoors.
8. Can mono explain the poor play of Brad Richards?
9. Last night's loss to Ottawa has secured a Top 10 draft pick for the Leafs. Said pick will be traded for another goalie in 3,2,1...
10. An update on the sort of hockey movie, the Love Guru.
11. Surely not the first time this has been said, but the Flames sneak in the back door. Zing!
12. Wait til next year might finally mean something in Edmonton.
13. Allan Muir profiles some unheralded NHL'ers who have made major contributions.
14. Jim Kelley names David Poile as his Executive of the Year.
15. Michael Farber with his Best and Worst of the Year.
16. A tongue in cheek rendition of the Senators' season.
17. Spector is reporting that the Flames have re-signed Daymond Langkow.
18. The Angry T blog with a projection of how many goals AO would have scored in the early '80's.
19. Interesting article on pre-draft evaluations and the effect of a player's willingness to compete.
20. A brief biography of Bugsy Watson.
21. Scott Morrison feels the Penguins are primed and ready for a playoff run.
22. Elliotte Friedman discusses the Senators woeful slump.
23. The dance card is filled out in the West, but the East is still open.
24. The Canadiens hope to end their franchise worst Stanley Cup drought this year.
25. A Sabres fan is suing the team claiming he was injured by falling plexiglass.

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Anonymous said...

Only in America can you sue someone, and win, for injuries sustained due to an inherent risk. A jury awarded $2.86 million to a woman who burned herself with hot McDonald's coffee but shouldn't you expect that the coffee is hot?! While any venue is liable to protect its spectators, attendees should always assume some risks especially when attending a sporting event otherwise sit in the nosebleed sections. I sit in the Eagle's Nest for Capitals games at the Verizon Center and the only inherent danger is having to listen to the opposing team's fans burst your eardrums with their annoying banter. A true fan wouldn't sue the team. That's pure greed unless he could prove that the team had the Plexiglas negligently installed. Why couldn't he simply settle for an autographed Miller jersey if he's a fan? He's not, that's why.

kanadienkyle said...


I am in complete agreement. Personal responsibility has long since left the building. If he was unaware that sitting rink side carries certain risks, then he has no one to blame but himself. Further, its not like the plexi moves fast. Could he have not moved out of the way?

Thank you for your comment.