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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. Check out the promos for the new Mike Myers hockey film, the Love Guru. Illegal Curve eagerly anticipates the release...
2. Despite the loss to the US, Canada's women retain the #1 ranking.
3. Less cowbell?
4. An interesting SI article on Boston College's Nathan Gerbe.
5. Ken Campbell comments on the Wild-Avs series.
6. Elliotte Friedman looks at the peculiarities of the Nonis firing.
7. Jennifer Floyd Engel ponders the disappearance of Chris Pronger. Likely still looking for that missing baby furniture...
8. Is Milan Lucic the new Cam Neely?
9. Memorial Cup History, the 1924 edition.
10. Helene St. James wonders what Fabian Brunstrom will do in the wake of the Nonis firing. Not sure what the fuss is here, Fabian Brunstrom sounds a lot like Jiri Dopita to me.
11. James Duthie thinks Bryan Murray is about one game away from being Nonised.
12. More from Duthie, who hearts the Capitals.
13. Some quotes on the Sean Avery screening scandal.
14. Jason Reitman's thoughts on the Kings (Passover at Cammy's house) and the playoffs.
Bob McKenzie's reaction to the firing of Dave Nonis.
16. The Best of Seven blog suggests that the Toronto Maple Leafs have the best fans.
17. The Unofficial USHL Blog hands out its end of season awards.
18. The weekly release from the USHL.
19. The Hot List from the Hockey News.
20. A preview of the OHL Western Conference Finals.
21. Ross McKeon cites lack of mental preparation and passion as reasons for the Ducks poor start to the playoffs.
22. Canada defeats Denmark at the World Under-18's.
23. Patrick Thoreson wants to return to action this series. He must be nuts (nut?).
24. Joe Pelletier looks at Hockey's Greatest Pests.
25. Someone really dislikes the Wild. Like I mean REALLY dislikes them.

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JP said...

Halpern's not in the playoffs - he was traded from Dallas to Tampa in the Richards deal.

Richard Pollock said...

Jason Reitman's blog is hilarious. He still has Schneider on the Red Wings too. He needs to start taking lessons from Lauren Conrad.

kanadienkyle said...


You are correct. My mistake.