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Monday, April 14, 2008

Nonis Fired By Canucks

As TSN reports here, the Vancouver Canucks have parted ways with Dave Nonis after three years as team GM.

Analysis: I don't particularly like this move. While Nonis was inactive at the trade deadline, that isn't to say he was not trying to add offense to his club. As well, he had all but signed youngster Fabian Brunnstrom to a three-year contract. All in all, the Canucks could do a lot worse than Nonis as GM. I personally would have given him one more year on the job.

Is it time to start the Nonis to Toronto with Brian Burke rumors?????

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ohad said...

Finger lost the series for his club cuz he didnt wanna take a hit

kanadienkyle said...

I wonder what Luongo is thinking right now? Pining for the halcyon days in Florida?