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Sunday, April 13, 2008

"That Sarich, He's Unbelievable"

Kelly Hrudey: Did that guy ever get up?
Ron MacLean: Yes!!!

Here is Cory Sarich brutalizing Patrick Marleau and then steamrolling Quinn Hancock back in junior hockey.

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Anonymous said...


gribbler said...

Not an elbow. He didn't stick his elbow out, that's why no penalty.

kanadienkyle said...

It was a clean hit. Watched the replay over and over. Marleau had his head down, looked up and saw nothing but red.

Anonymous said...

Im a sharks fan, even I will concede it was a clean hit. C'mon Wilson pull you head out of your @$$!!

Richard Pollock said...

That hit was absolutely ridiculous. Clean and forceful. How did Marleau get up? Im still wondering. Give him props for toughness. Rest of the Sharks? Not so much.