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Friday, July 25, 2008

Erik Cole Arrives in Edmonton

Winger Erik Cole, recently acquired from Carolina, arrived in Edmonton yesterday with his wife, and is saying the right things.

It's a brief trip, but a busy one as Erik Cole hits Edmonton for the first time since becoming a member of the Oilers. He has been here before, of course, as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2006 Stanley Cup Final; he most vividly remembers the atmosphere around Game 6, a game that he says "wasn't all that memorable" for the Canes (4-0 win for the Oilers). First and foremost Cole and his wife are here to buy a house. The Cole's will be making the move together with their 2 young children sometime in late August. They're looking to find a house fast because they need to get back to New York for their son's 4th birthday party this weekend.

Chatting with Cole this morning at Servus Credit Union Place in St. Albert, where he made a stop to sign autographs for the young participants in the Oilers Hockey School, it didn't take long to realize that he and his family are truly eager to start their new life in Edmonton. "There's a big buzz and everyone that I've talked to within the organization is really excited about the upcoming season," Cole said. "The way they finished last year, it's an exciting time to be an Oiler. My wife and I are really excited to be here."

Hopefully Cole puts up a few points and finds some chemistry in the Top 9. Having another offensive option certainly won't hurt the Oilers.

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