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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pierre-Marc Bouchard signs five-year deal

From Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Pierre-Marc Bouchard and the Wild avoided a Monday arbitration hearing when
Bouchard agreed to a five-year, $20.4 million contract minutes before midnight
tonight. Thank goodness my hangout of choice is right across the street from my home. Although, I think I did re-break my foot hobbling back to write a frantic story.

The $20.4 million is $600,000 smaller than Nick Schultz’s six-year package, which was the largest sum of money in one contract. Of course, next up is Marian Gaborik, and if the Wild can get him inked, that $21 million with be shattered.

Read the entire post from Russo's Rants here.

Nice work by the Wild. There were rumors that Bouchard would sign a one-year deal and be shopped by the club, but in the end, both sides came to a reasonable agreement. Bouchard has to be happy he has a long-term deal at fair dollars and the Wild has to be happy that it has maintained arguably its second most talented offensive player for the next half-decade.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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