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Friday, July 25, 2008

Regina Pats Name Dale Derkatch New Head Coach

The Regina Pats have replaced the departed Curtis Hunt with former player Dale Derkatch.

As the Pats' head coach, Derkatch hopes to employ a formula similar to the one that worked so well in Wilcox.

"I want to be the highest-scoring team, I want to be the lowest goals-against, and we want to be third or fourth in the league in penalty minutes,'' Derkatch, 43, said during a media conference at the Brandt Centre.

"Now, people are thinking I'm crazy, saying, 'Why do you want to be third or fourth in the league (in penalty minutes)?' Because I want guys to play hard and I don't want them to be scared when they play hard that if they take a penalty, I'm going to be upset with them. I'm not upset with them. They're going to take penalties for playing hard.''

Any coach that wants to lead the league in goals and be near the top in penalty minutes is alright with me.

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