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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Penguins make offer to Jagr

From Sportsnet:

The Pittsburgh Penguins have offered a contract to free agent forward and former team captain, Jaromir Jagr, Sportsnet has learned.

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No surprise here. Why wouldn't the Pens offer Jagr a contract. He doesn't want to play long-term and is cheaper and arguably as good as Marian Hossa.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Anonymous said...

Are you an idiot? "Arguably as good as Marian Hossa?" Hossa has never been even close to the rarified air Jagr is in, and never will be.

VVeimer said...

If there ever will be a time in Jagr's career where players won't be riding his back, it will be in Pittsburgh. Hossa was a better fit for Crosby and shoots lasers from all parts of the ice. Jagr's puck handling is a bit different. Marian Hossa is waiting for Detriot players to retire and then is going to be offered a phat long term deal in hockeytown. Not a bad situation. In Pittsburgh, Hossa would have put up the most points by any wing in the league for the next 5 years. Jagr would be embraced in Pittsburgh and with the talent that is already on the ice, Jagr will seem younger and put up over 100 points. Despite what the media ranted, Jagr never wanted to leave Pittsburgh. The Pens made an offer to get the trade talks going but still need to eat up some time and wait for Fleury and his arbitration hearing. Hossa would've put up 115+points on the Pens. Jagr will not hit that high, but his ability to physically dominate and take control of a game is encouraging. He will not be the man in Pittsburgh so hopefully he will realize he USED to be the best and but the future is not his for the taking. Only a few cups. LEts just hope Detriot doesn't make the finals next year.