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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reasoner heads to Atlanta

From Jonathan at Copper & Blue:

TSN is reporting that Marty Reasoner has signed a contract with the Atlanta Thrashers. Reasoner has long been a favourite of mine, a player who entered the league as a high-scoring blue-collar prospect, and had to adapt his game to play a checking role. He's suffered various injuries over his career, and lost a step that he really couldn't afford to lose, but he's still been able to carve out a career as a 3rd/4th line forward, a face-off and PK ace, and a character guy in the dressing room.

Read Jonathan's entire post here.

Reasoner was solid in the role he played in Edmonton. But with the team being loaded with forwards, Reasoner became expendable. I'm sure MacT will miss him in Alberta.

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