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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sakic situation is no-lose for Avalanche

From Terry Frei of the Denver Post:

If he confirms his return, signs another one-year contract and plays a 20th NHL season, Colorado would be within at least shouting distance of the $56.7 million salary cap for 2008-09. Fans paying some of the highest ticket prices in the league would have a harder time grousing about the team not trying to give them their money's worth.

If he retires? It's, hey, the Avs had to leave significant payroll space open in case Sakic came back — and because of his indecision, all the moves both before and after the opening of the July 1 free-agency period had to be made with that in mind.

Read the entire article here.

I understand the point Frei is trying to raise and it is well-taken. But I'm sure the team doesn't see itself as a 25 win team without Sakic. The Avalanche still have a lot of talent throughout their roster and if they get even serviceable netminding (a big IF), they shouldn't be as bad as people think.

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