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Friday, July 18, 2008

Third jerseys on the way

From Luke Decock of the News & Observer:

When the Hurricanes take on the Red Wings in the second home game of the season, there's a good chance only one team will be in red.

The Canes hope to unveil their new, NHL-approved alternate jerseys — expected to be black with the team's secondary, waving-flag logo on the chest — at the Caniac Carnival in September and could wear them on the ice as early as Oct. 13 against Detroit.

Read his entire post from Lord Stanley's Blog here.

Third jerseys, a.k.a another way for the NHL to improve its revenue stream. I've actually had enough of these new jerseys in the NHL. Teams have gone through 3-4 jerseys over the past few years. Just keep it simple, like the Original Six, and stop looking for cheap ways to make money.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Jonathan said...

Edmonton is debuting a new third jersey this year as well, making a grand total of six different uniforms that they've worn post-lockout.

It's starting to bother me.

Richard Pollock said...

It's too much already. Reading that article reminded me of all the random third jerseys like Calgary's Bull, or that Ugly Bruins yellow jersey, or Nashville's horrible third jersey from a couple years ago. Home and away does the trick in my opinion.