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Friday, July 18, 2008

Toews named Blackhawks captain

From the Globe & Mail:

The Chicago Blackhawks announced Friday that centre Jonathan Toews will serve as the team's captain for the 2008-09 season, making him the third-youngest captain in NHL history.

Only Pittsburgh Penguins centre Sidney Crosby and Tampa Bay Lightning centre Vincent Lecavalier, both while still 19, became captains at a younger age than the 20-year-old Toews.

"Jonathan deserves this honour," said Blackhawks general manager Dale Tallon. "He is a tremendous individual and a wonderful leader on and off the ice. He has experience in captaining teams from his world junior appearances and guys follow his lead in our locker room."

Read the entire story here.

The Blackhawks are going to be this year's version of the 2007/08 Penguins with all the young talent they have throughout their line up. Selecting Toews as captain only makes the teams more similar, as Toews will play the same role Sidney Crosby does in Pittsburgh. I love this decision by the Hawks. Toews is their best all-around player who will lead this team on and off the ice for years to come. Making him captain right now will only give him more confidence. The responsbility that comes with this move is nothing that Toews cannot handle.

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